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top 8 photos of rt staff | burnie burns

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Anonymous asked: KCMD: Sokka, Sniper, Waluigi, and Bowser


Kiss: sokka

Cuddle: Sniper


Destroy: Waluigi and Bowser

dont like either. I find them both to be bleh. 

horokko asked: KISS CUDDLE MARRY DESTROY: Joel, Link, Gavin, or Engineer from tf2


Kiss: Joel

Cuddle: Link

Marry: Gavin

Destroy: Engineer

yeh… I dun like Engineer and this is really weird that its in the same order xD

Anonymous asked: for kiss cuddle marry destroy scout, pyro, heavy, medic


Kiss: Medic

Cuddle: Scout

Marry: Heavy

Destroy -even if I dont want to because he’s cool-: Pyro

I was mildly challenged. I like all of them unu

send me 4 names for kiss marry cuddle destroy

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the thrilling saga of jordan shaving his beard

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