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I love this joke cause you can literally use it with whatever they say
If they say yeah sure then “that’s the spirit!!!”
But then if they say I really don’t then this…

that’s great and all but I’m pretty sure that’s Ted Bundy

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

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Am I the only one who thinks Preston and Sara are really really cute together like holy fhbdthfrh


when I find myself in times of trouble

geoff ramsey comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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all I want in life is for Joel and Adam to play Five Nights at Freddy’s

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here’s michael and his brother yelling at each other for two minutes enjoy


transcript (as much as i could decipher, bolded my favorite):
michael: *sighs*
brother: shut up up there!
michael: shut up!
brother: mom said shut up!
michael: shut up! i’m making my Youtube video! shut up.
brother: mom’s shows is on.
michael: (to camera) hang on. (to brother) shut up, you’re going to fuck it up! don’t touch that.
brother: listen, i’m going to drink this -
michael: don’t touch that Capri Sun! that’s mine -
brother no!
michael: no that’s mine, i bought that.
brother: no no, those are all gone this one’s different.
michael: no, i bought that. respect the pouch! respect it!
brother: you don’t even have money!
michael: shut up! shut up.
brother: go back to your room.
michael: go downstairs. shut up.
brother: shut up!
michael: shut up. go downstairs.
brother: her show’s on.
michael: shut up! shut up!! fucking idiot. i’m gonna punch you in the face while you’re sleepin’!
brother: fuck you.
michael: (to camera) if you said that you skipped it, then you’re lying.
brother: *ineligible yelling*
michael: shut up! stop!
brother: listen, you don’t even like-
michael: i’ma - stop!
brother: asshole.
michael: shut up! i’m gonna delete your World of Warcraft character if you don’t shut up.
brother: i’ll fucking tell mom. i’ll tell her about those magazines you have under your -
michael: shut up! you better shut up before i make it worse.
[something is thrown at michael]
michael: god, go fucking-
brother: there’s tissues for your fucking cry baby bullshit!
michael: don’t throw stuff! you’re gonna break my camera!
brother: shut up. it’s not even your camera, it’s mom’s.
michael shut up. she said i could use it. shut up!
brother: *ineligible yelling about a Capri Sun*
michael: shut the fuck up. i’m gonna fucking break - (to camera) you’re going to see a video of me breaking his fucking skull open all over the concrete.
brother: i know kung fu, asshole.
michael: he doesn’t know kung fu. he doesn’t fucking know kung fu.
brother: i do know kung fu!
michael: he watched Kung Fu Panda five fucking times and he thinks he knows kung fu.
brother: shut up! it’s fucking real.
michael: it’s a stupid movie.
brother: it’s fucking real.
michael: (to camera) oh fucking - i fucking beat that bitch. (to brother) come here, (ineligible), you son of a bitch!!
brother: give me the Capri Sun! give it to me!
michael: stop!
brother: why’d you take my Capri Sun?!
michael: stop! give me my camera! nooo!

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i’d be willing to bet most of you have never seen or heard of this video because it’s kind of never been talked about since but it’s very important for a few reasons

a) it’s Rooster Teeth’s very first live action project

b) it’s (consequently) the first live action video Gavin was ever in for RT and he’s like a baby just look at him

c) Jason Saldaña (the voice of Tucker in RvB) is in it and has some really funny lines and he needs to be more appreciated rly

d) Captain Dynamic himself is the lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies (who as you all know they would collaborate with five years later)

d) it’s where the Touch My Awesome Button shirt comes from

so watch it maybe

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